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Teen Killed, Others Sickened by Hotel Gas Leak

A 13-year-old boy in Michigan died of carbon monoxide poisoning after swimming in an indoor pool without proper ventilation. That’s the news from CNN, who has been following the story since the incident occurred April 1, 2017. Police say the boy, along with 14 other people were found unconscious in the pool room. The victims were taken the hospital, but the teenaged boy was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Tests revealed the room contained carbon monoxide levels at 800 parts per million. Federal standards for carbon monoxide are just 35 parts per million at one hour exposure rates. First responders had to be treated after working at the scene.

Investigations after the accident reveal that there was no carbon monoxide detector in the pool room at the time of the incident. The pool heater seems to be the culprit for the carbon monoxide leak – the exhaust was not functioning properly. Because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, there was no warning for the folks enjoying time at the hotel pool.

Further investigations found that regulations required the hotel to install carbon monoxide detectors no later than April 20, 2017 – just a few weeks following the accident. Had the hotel employees installed the devices in time, this accident might have been avoided entirely.

The reality is that most states don’t require hotels to have carbon monoxide detectors installed. Don’t leave it up to hotel staff to install these life-saving devices. If you and your family travel frequently, it’s worth it to invest in a travel carbon monoxide detector.

CO Poisoning Injuries Caused by Negligence

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