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Carbon Monoxide Leak at Newport News Hookah Lounge

Two people are recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning in Newport News, reports. The victims were exposed to the dangerous gas while at a hookah lounge. The lounge’s carbon monoxide alarm rang out, warning employees and patrons about the potential for poisoning. After everyone evacuated, four people were treated by first responders. Two people refused to be transported to the hospital after initial treatment. Investigators are still working to determine exactly what caused the carbon monoxide to leak into the lounge.

A colorless, odorless gas, carbon monoxide is often called a silent killer. It can creep into a room with no warning. Carbon monoxide poisoning is easily mistaken for cold and flu symptoms and dismissed without a second thought. This time of year, with the temperatures plummeting, more and more people are turning on their heating appliances to warm up. Too often, appliances like generators and furnaces can leak out carbon monoxide.

If you or your family use such appliances, make sure you have a functioning carbon monoxide detector installed in your home. Check the batteries every few months to ensure everything is working as it should. Should it sound, evacuate the building as quickly as possible, and call emergency services. Even if you don’t hear an alarm go off, pay attention to the signals your body is sending. If you feel an onset of symptoms including headache, dizziness, nausea and fatigue, get out of the environment and call emergency officials.

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